Naomi Judd's Family Powwow Rules

Country music singer Naomi Judd reveals the guidelines she credits for her strong relationship with her family.

In her memoir, River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope, country music star Naomi Judd opens up about her mental health struggles and her battle with addiction. Judd credits spending time with her family for helping her through her severe depression. One of her strategies for improving her family relationships is the list of rules that she, her husband Larry Strickland, and her daughters Wynonna and Ashley drafted together. She shares the rules in the hopes that they can be beneficial for other families as well.

The Judd Family Powwow Rules

  1. No interrupting.
  2. No shouting.
  3. Each of us must realize we have our own realities.
  4. Everyone gets as much time as they need to express themselves completely.
  5. Everyone should be prepared with our thoughts and solutions, so time isn't wasted.
  6. Stop and think before you speak so that you talk to the person as if he or she were a friend instead of a relative.
  7. Everyone needs to remember that these are just issues. Our commitment to communicating is the bottom line to making sure the family endures.


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