The New Nut Calorie Guide

Find out how many calories your favorite nuts actually have.

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Dr. Oz’s Top Nut Picks (3:48)

For a long time now, nuts have been considered a healthy snack choice, with the caveat that you should watch how many you eat to avoid calorie overload. While paying attention to serving size is still important, new research shows that nuts may have fewer calories than we once thought. As food journalist Mark Shatzker explains, when food is eaten, it's broken down into its nutritional components and the calories are used for energy. However, the body may not use all the nutrients in a given food, a phenomenon known as bioavailability. When it comes to nuts, whether they are raw, roasted, ground up, or chewed a certain way can factor into the bioavailability of its calories. In a study conducted by the Agricultural Research Service, physiologists David Baer and Janet Novotny discovered caloric discrepancies among three popular types of nuts. Read on to find out what the updated calorie counts are for each kind and if you want to reference this chart on the, print it out here


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