New Study Helps Wounded Warriors and Others With Facial Injuries

A study being conducted at the University of Pittsburgh is helping our wounded warriors with facial injuries restore a more normal appearance.

The study involves the use of a minimally invasive procedure in which fat tissue and stem cells are transferred from one part of the body to the face or head to fill in visible deformities. 

The study is funded by the United States Department of Defense. J. Peter Rubin, MD, a plastic surgeon and researcher conducting the study, says, “This is very important work because up to 26% of our wounded warriors have facial injuries. These visible injuries can affect every aspect of a patient’s life, from family and social interactions to employment opportunities.” 

The study is open to both military personnel and civilians anywhere in the United States with visible injuries to the face or skull. Additionally, all of the costs of treatment, including travel for the patients, are covered under the program funded by the United States Department of Defense. Anyone interested in the study can contact, visit, or call 412-864-2587.