The Pegan 365 Diet Checklist

Track the success of your diet with this daily checklist!

Pegan 365 is a year-long diet plan that helps you lose weight by modifying your eating and lifestyle habits to be healthier. Every day on the plan you have to eat five servings of vegetables, four servings of healthy carbs, three servings of smart protein, two servings of healthy fats, and one serving of a dairy substitute. But just because you're on a "diet" doesn't mean you have to miss out on all your favorite things: the Pegan 365 plan allows you to have alcohol and dessert twice a week and gives you one cheat day a week! All of these rules can be hard to keep track of so below is a helpful checklist to monitor your progress. Print one out every day to check off what you've eaten throughout the day. This will ensure that you don't lose track and will help you have success on the plan. 


The Pegan 365 Diet Shopping List 

Your Guide to the Pegan 365 Diet

The Pegan 365 Diet Recipe Box

How to Safely Make Lifestyle Changes With Type 2 Diabetes

Gain control of your disease while still protecting your heart

If you're overweight or obese and have type 2 diabetes, a new study reveals how to make lifestyle changes that will help you safely gain control of your disease and still protect your heart.

Researchers published a study in Diabetes Care that took a second — and more in-depth — look at data from the NIH's Look AHEAD study. They found that for 85% of people in that study, lifestyle interventions that triggered weight loss and increased physical activity reduced potential cardiovascular problems. Such lifestyle interventions also help reduce the risks for diabetes, dementia and some cancers and strengthen the immune system.

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