PetSmart Groomer Training Facts

Learn more about PetSmart groomers’ training to better care for your pet!

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A Veterinarian Weighs In on Safe Pet Grooming (3:42)

There's no doubt that pets are a part of your family, so when you take them to a groomer, you want to make absolutely sure that they are safe. Below, PetSmart shares facts about the training their groomers undergo so you can be educated on what makes a groomer the best for your pet.

  • PetSmart prides itself on having the highest safety standards in the industry.
  • Academy-trained stylists complete over 800 hours of hands-on instruction and safety certification, working with at least 200 dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • PetSmart requires every salon associate to be safety certified annually.
  • PetSmart is a founding member of the Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance (PPGSA), which developed industry-wide comprehensive safety and sanitation standards for grooming in 2015. Other members include three major dog styling associations, trade groups, major retailers and pet care industry service providers.
  • After a four-week Academy program, members spend four months as Groomer Trainees and then another six months as Stylists in Training.
  • During this time, trainees are mentored under an experienced pet stylist as they hone their skills, and must pass a technical exam at the end of their training to become a Professional Pet Stylist.


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