The Pitta Stress Plan

Find out how to manage your stress if you are a Pitta type.

The Pitta type is known as intense stressors, which are made of fire and water so they tend to be intense and fiery personalities. When they are feeling balanced, they are detail-oriented, focused, eloquent, and quick-witted. Oftentimes, lawyers, orators, and entrepreneurs tend to be Pittas. Since they have fiery traits, they can become hotheaded and hot tempered when under stress, which then turns them into self-critical and judgmental people. Thanks to their perfectionist streak, they will often regret the things they did or didn’t do and fall into a negative thought loop because of that. Find out your Ayurvedic stress type here. Here’s how Pittas can combat stress:

Quit Extreme Exercise

Pittas’ preferred form of exercise tends to be sprinting or running, but that can actually fuel their aggressive nature instead of providing relief. Try restorative yoga instead to filter out stress and restore your sense of calm.

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Avoid Fiery Foods

Since Pittas are acid reflux–prone, some holistic solutions for this discomfort is to avoid spicy or fermented foods, which means cutting out hot sauce and tomato sauce. As you start to feel better, you can slowly start to introduce these foods back into your diet, but you want to make sure you’re also eating alkaline-promoting foods to create balance in your body.

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Try Turmeric Capsules

Skin conditions such as itchy, red rashes; acne; psoriasis; or eczema are all too common for Pittas, but luckily turmeric can help. This ancient Indian spice can be used to cure acne, reduce inflammation, heal acne scars, and reduce oil secretion. You can try taking turmeric capsules or cook with this magic ingredient to help heal your skin flare-ups.

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