The Plan to Get Rid of Your Bloat for Good

Bust your bloat with these 3 tips.

The biggest problem a lot of people experience every day is bloating. Your body retains extra water and causes your stomach to balloon out, which makes it hard for your pants to fit comfortably — and you just can't figure out why! Naturopathic doctor Pina LoGiudice has a plan to solve your bloating problems for good. Before you try the plan, you should see a doctor to make sure the cause of your bloat isn't an indicator of a more serious condition like heart disease or kidney disease. If your bloat is just excess water in your body, there are easy diet changes Dr. LoGiudice recommends to bust your bloat. 

Stop With the Salt 

Salt is one of the main culprits that causes bloat because it makes your body retain water. The easiest fix to get rid of bloat is to decrease your salt intake. This means stop over-salting your food and get rid of processed foods altogether. Processed foods contain preservatives and a ton of sodium (aka salt) that do not do your stomach any good. Additionally, say goodbye to soda as the sodium in it can cause you to retain water as well. 

Remember, You Have Hormones

Sometimes you can't control your bloat. When your hormones fluctuate, you can get bloated. This is very typical when you are about to get your period or when you currently have it. The fluctuating estrogen levels in your body will cause you to retain water. When this type of bloat happens just relax and rest assured it will be gone soon. In the meantime, following the diet tips in this plan should help to minimize some of the effects of PMS bloating.

Eat Natural Diuretics

Diuretics assist your kidneys in releasing water from your body. If bloating makes you retain water, an antidote to the problem would be to flush the water right out of your system — diuretics help you do just that. If you wake up feeling bloated try drinking a smoothie that has bananas, avocado, and coconut water. All three ingredients contain potassium which is a diuretic. If you're feeling your pants starting to get tight mid-day, swap your soda for parsley-infused green tea . Parsley and the caffeine found in green tea will help flush your system. For lunch or dinner add a ton of diurectic fruits and veggies — like spinach, asparagus, celery, cucumbers, melon, and more — into a delicious bloat-busting salad.


The 1-Day Plan to Beat Bloat

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7 Essential Items to Have for a Pandemic Date, According to a Relationship Expert

Celebrity divorce attorney and relationship expert Vikki Ziegler says you should treat COVID-19 like an STD.

Just when we thought relationships and dating could not get any more complicated, the pandemic took this matter to a whole new level. Celebrity divorce attorney and relationship expert, Vikki Ziegler receives an abundance of questions about this exact topic, every single day. Her fans and followers message her via her social media channels, in the hopes of finding the right way to safely date during these times. So, if this topic has crossed your mind, rest assured you are not alone.

For those who used to "swipe left and right," on the regular, Vikki recommends slowing down for the time being, no matter what type of antibacterial wipes are being used between your swipes. Serial dating during COVID-19 can be dangerous and also very selfish at the same time. This might be a good time to either take a break from dating altogether, or invest more time in one relationship and being monogamous, at least for right now. "Everyone should treat COVID-19 as they do an STD, while dating and practice safe EVERYTHING, even beyond just intimacy," says Ziegler. "This will simplify the process and make the do's and don'ts much less complex."

She recommends that new partners keep the dating virtual prior to both being tested and or having the vaccine. "Screendating" can still be both fun and safe at the same time. She suggests that you still wear your favorite new dress, get that fresh haircut or blowout and act as though you are still going out, even if the date is happening in the privacy of your own home. She has suggested some ideas such as virtual movie nights, happy hours, cooking classes, and the most obvious, the at-home and virtual dining date. This would entail both partners ordering food to each of their respective homes, but using the same menu as if they were dining in person.

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