Protein Powder Study Results

The next time you reach for a scoop of rice protein powder, think again. Get the results of whistleblower Mike Adams' tests.

Protein Powder Study Results

If you're a big fan of rice protein powder, you may want to read these results before you buy your next batch. Whistleblower Mike Adams shared his own, independent results of a test of rice protein powder products. Adams has participated in discussions with manufactures to help create an industry agreement that would help limit the amount of metal in rice protein powder products. See his results below and visit his website for more information on each of the brands and to find out which of the products tested had the least amount of metal. Plus, check out this guide to buying and using protein powders

The following findings are not the result of tests conducted by The Dr. Oz Show. All of the information and results provided are the based upon the tests and findings of Mike Adams and

Adams also tested Gingko and caco products for the presence of metals. You can find the test results for both studies on his website. 

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