Regis Philbin’s Top Health Lessons

Legendary TV personality Regis Philbin shares the top health lessons he’s learned since his triple bypass surgery.

Regis Philbin’s Top Health Lessons

Take Vitamins

Regis felt a big difference in both his mind and body once he started taking daily vitamins

Exercise Frequently

Regis has no excuses to skip a workout because there’s a gym in his New York City apartment building. He goes to this gym three to four times a week to build strength and de-stress.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Now that he’s retired, Regis has more time to spend with friends and family. Making social connections is a great way to stay in a healthy mind-set.

Believe in Yourself

When Regis was in the Marines, a major told him, "You can have anything you want in this life, you’ve only got to want it bad enough." It is the best piece of advice he’s ever received.

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