Results From the 5-Second Rule Test

Find out if the five-second rule is really a rule at all with the full test results from the experiment below.

Ever wonder if the five-second rule was really a rule? The Dr. Oz Show teamed up with NSF International to find out just that. We tested two food types, wet and dry (wet being an apple; dry, a wafer), on three different surfaces: tile, carpet, and concrete. After adding bacteria to each surface, food was dropped for two seconds, five seconds, and five minutes. After taking a culture of the food samples, the bacteria was counted to see if the rule was really valid. The results showed that both foods on all surfaces picked up bacteria at all time points, making the five-second rule not a rule at all. When the food was brushed off or blown on, bacteria were still present. Lesson: Don't eat food off the floor! Get the full results below:

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