Slimming Wardrobe Secrets

By Stacy Cox, Fashion Stylist and Beauty Expert

Slimming Wardrobe Secrets

What's the biggest mistake curvy women make when dressing themselves? Is it possible to dress to look closer to a size 6 when you're a size 16? The answer is yes. But you’ve got to make the right moves first. The biggest mistake I see ladies make time and time again is wearing clothes that are too big for them. They think this will camouflage their size issues. But, in reality, larger clothes end up making you look even bigger! 

You have to decide what your physical strengths are and dress to play them up. Is it your legs? Waist? Face? Think about it and get input from people you trust. And get this: Even the Size-6s are wearing body smoothers and shapers underneath their clothes and their evening gowns to help make them look even thinner! Have a game plan ready when you shop, and you’ll be successful in dressing for everyday and special events.

Pear Shapes

Watch Out For: Imbalanced proportions! Elastic and drawstring pants are the enemy because they're too loose and do nothing for your figure. Watch out for tees that are too tight also. Between the pants and the tee you're playing up your stomach and thighs, the very area we need to smooth out.

Slimming on the Outside: Every woman, no matter what size, needs a little black dress or "LBD.” Look for jersey fabrics that give a little but also hug your shape at the same time. LBDs that have pretty gathering on the waist and hips are figure-flattering. Plus, you can always create a slimmer silhouette with a bright blazer on top. The biggest secret here is added shoulder pads. Similar to a facelift, I consider it a "clothes lift,” raising fabric off of the belly and elongating the torso.

Slimming Underneath: A high-waisted thigh slimmer contours, shapes and smoothes every area that needs it, from belly to the butt and thighs.

Insider Tips


Find the perfect bra! The right bra works wonders; it not only supports and enhances your bust, it actually improves the way clothes look on your body. Think of possibly going one band size down and one cup size up!

Pumps and peep toes – wear them in nude and beige tones. Adding a few inches to your height instantly improves your posture and magically makes you look slimmer.

Bigger Around the Middle

Watch Out For: Avoid wearing tops that draw the eyes immediately to your midsection when you carry your weight in your belly. White tops and tees are especially notorious for exacerbating this figure flaw. Wearing baggy pants hides gorgeous legs, a body part we want to show off.

Slimming on the Outside: Blouses that criss-cross or gather at the waist are perfect for minimizing your stomach and creating curves where they didn't seem to exist before! Choose a bright fun color, think purple, blue or tangerine. And then try a pencil or slim skirt with a fun pattern that draws your eyes away from your midsection.

Slimming Underneath: Try a braless bodysuit to suck in your stomach and create a leaner appearance.

Insider Tips

Wear V-necks. They elongate and narrow your frame just like that.

Try a self-tanner. Somehow being tanner translates into looking thinner. Crazy but so true!

Oblique crunches will help to tighten this area.

Tuxedo-styled pants will instantly lean out your frame and play up your legs. You can turn any slack or even denim into a tux look by double-stick taping, velcro-ing, or using fabric glue to adhere approximately 1 yard of 2-to 4-inch wide ribbon down the side of each pant leg.

Top Heavy

Watch Out For: Avoid tops that draw the eyes straight to ample cleavage. And avoid covering up areas you want to highlight, such as a great waist and toned legs.

Slimming on the Outside: Wrap dresses are great because they come with built-in belts that will accentuate your waist. Size-6 ladies don't wear all black. Embrace bright, fun colors. You can also try the monochromatic effect; dressing head to toe in one color can help you look leaner.

Slimming Underneath: Try snapping the Essential Cami into your bra. It's the first backless cami that conceals your cleavage without adding bulk anywhere else on your outfit. And it's great to take you from work to an evening out and give your outfit that added flexibility.

Insider Tips

Get the right hairstyle for your face; it will help make a fuller face look slimmer. Here are some guidelines:

  • Layers
  • Wavy or loose curls
  • Don't cut above the chin
  • Sweep your bangs to the side
  • Consider highlights

Contour your cheekbones. A little touch of contour will help you shade and highlight your way to a more angular face and hollow cheekbones.

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