Stairway to Skinny Workout

Viewer Jennifer transformed her health and lost 130 pounds – without any fancy equipment! Instead of going to the gym, she devised a simple workout that she could do at home. Start your weight-loss journey today with her simple staircase routine.

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1. Incline Pushups

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Dr. Oz's Lifesaving Hour

With your toes on the floor, place your hands on the step of your choice. Then perform a normal pushup. These could also be done on the knees to make them a little easier.

2. Tricep Dips

Sit on a step with your feet on the step below and your hands beside your hips. Walk your feet out so that you are off the step supported by your hands. Raise and lower yourself by bending and straightening your arms.

3. Step Lunges

Starting on the floor, step up with one foot.  Raise the other foot up and tap your toe on the next step. Lower that same foot, and then do a rear lunge with the starting foot. Repeat on the other side. You can add hand weights if desired.

4. Bear Crawls

Start with your feet on the floor and your hands on the first step. Slowly crawl up the stairs by moving one hand and the opposite foot. You can also crawl back down when reaching the top, but be careful not to fall!

5. Stair Sprints

Starting at the bottom, walk at a fast pace up the stairs. You can take each step or skip one or two each time to make them more challenging. If you want, you could do some squats or pushups at the top. Then walk back down and repeat.