Thanksgiving Food Faceoff

Find out how your favorite holiday foods stack up.

Thanksgiving is often synonymous with feasting like there's no tomorrow. If you plan on digging in and enjoying all your favorite comfort foods but you want to make healthier choices, you can use the guide below to help you along the way. We've compared the top holiday favorites to give you a better glimpse into their nutritional breakdowns so you can make an educated choice. Keep reading to learn more about each category and find a printable version here to take with you on the go.

Mashed Potato vs. Sweet Potato 

When it comes to this popular side dish, sweet potatoes take the prize. Full of protein and fiber, and low in fat and calories, sweet potatoes are a healthy choice when you're chowing down. Winner: Sweet Potato

Dark Meat Turkey vs. White Meat Turkey

White meat turkey has the same amount of protein, but fewer calories and way less fat when compared to dark meat turkey. Winner: White Meat Turkey

Green Beans vs. Brussels Sprouts

Green beans and Brussels sprouts have almost the same fiber, carbs, and sugar. However, Brussels sprouts are slightly more caloric, and green beans have less protein, so you can call this one a tie. Winner: Tie

Corn Bread vs. Dinner Rolls

Corn bread has more calories, fat, carbs, and sugar than dinner rolls, less fiber, and only slightly more protein. If you're debating between the two, stick with the latter to make a somewhat healthier choice. Winner: Dinner Rolls

Pecan Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie 

With way fewer calories, fat, sugar, and carbs, pumpkin pie beats pecan pie hands down. Winner: Pumpkin Pie


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7 Essential Items to Have for a Pandemic Date, According to a Relationship Expert

Celebrity divorce attorney and relationship expert Vikki Ziegler says you should treat COVID-19 like an STD.

Just when we thought relationships and dating could not get any more complicated, the pandemic took this matter to a whole new level. Celebrity divorce attorney and relationship expert, Vikki Ziegler receives an abundance of questions about this exact topic, every single day. Her fans and followers message her via her social media channels, in the hopes of finding the right way to safely date during these times. So, if this topic has crossed your mind, rest assured you are not alone.

For those who used to "swipe left and right," on the regular, Vikki recommends slowing down for the time being, no matter what type of antibacterial wipes are being used between your swipes. Serial dating during COVID-19 can be dangerous and also very selfish at the same time. This might be a good time to either take a break from dating altogether, or invest more time in one relationship and being monogamous, at least for right now. "Everyone should treat COVID-19 as they do an STD, while dating and practice safe EVERYTHING, even beyond just intimacy," says Ziegler. "This will simplify the process and make the do's and don'ts much less complex."

She recommends that new partners keep the dating virtual prior to both being tested and or having the vaccine. "Screendating" can still be both fun and safe at the same time. She suggests that you still wear your favorite new dress, get that fresh haircut or blowout and act as though you are still going out, even if the date is happening in the privacy of your own home. She has suggested some ideas such as virtual movie nights, happy hours, cooking classes, and the most obvious, the at-home and virtual dining date. This would entail both partners ordering food to each of their respective homes, but using the same menu as if they were dining in person.

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