Tony Robbins’ 15 Minutes to Fulfillment

Entrepreneur, author and life strategist Tony Robbins has transformed millions of lives by helping people live up to their full potential. Learn his secrets.

By Tony Robbins

After facing health obstacles like weight gain and a pituitary tumor, Tony Robbins emotionally and physically transformed himself. Now he’s made a career out of sharing his secrets to help you unleash the power within. One of the notable practices that Tony has observed among successful people is that they set aside time for themselves. Even if you don’t have a full hour each day, just start with 15 minutes. This small commitment can help you break out of a rut and get you started down the road to greater fulfillment. 

Wake Up Your Brain
Start your day off with five minutes just for you. Each morning, take time to think about the quality of your life and feelings. No matter what’s going on, if you’re angry and frustrated, that will reflect back in the quality of your life. Additionally, emotions can affect the state of your body and vice versa. Put yourself in a better mental state by strengthening your body. Tony recommends using a small rebounder beside your bed. This workout helps to build up your energy without putting stress on your body. You can also try going for a brisk warm-up walk or light jog for at least five minutes. These practices will help to change your body’s state and allow you to be better equipped to handle the day.

Take Inventory

Once your brain is awake, tap into the power that can change your life – gratitude. This emotion can drastically change your mood – you can’t be angry and grateful simultaneously. Take inventory of what you’re grateful for with an exercise called “Emotional Flood.” Think of at least a dozen things that make you feel grateful. You can write them in a journal, say them out loud, or close your eyes and count them off in quiet reflection. Spend at least five minutes taking inventory of the good things happening in your life. Trade your expectations for appreciations, and you may notice a positive change!

Visualize the Positive

There’s a part of the brain called the reticular activating system, or RAS, that is considered the "attention center" of the brain. This exercise caters to that area by teaching your brain what’s important to you. Once you’ve visualized what you want, you’ll be able to easily identify things that will help you achieve your goal. In this exercise, take 15 minutes to think about an area of your life that you’re not happy about. If you want a different result, visualize exactly what that outcome looks like. Try using a mantra. Say a phrase aloud over and over again for five minutes. Pick a saying such as, “All I need is within me now,” or try just repeating “I’m happy.” According to Robbins, when you engage your body and mind with intensity, the exercise can change your biochemistry. The rhythm is hypnotic and before you know it, you’ll believe what you’re saying.

Article written by Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, author and life strategist Tony Robbins has transformed millions of lives by helping people live up to their full...