Treating the Fire in Your Gut

The burning, nausea and pain associated with gastritis comes from inflammation of the stomach lining. Read on to find out what can trigger this condition and what foods can ease the pain.

Treating the Fire in Your Gut

Gastritis is a painful condition where the lining of your stomach becomes inflamed or damaged from stomach acid. Avoid the following items that may add fuel to this fire.

Ibuprofen Long-term use of ibuprofen, aspirin and NSAIDs can thin out the lining of your stomach.

Alcohol Excessive drinking (qualified as more than 3 drinks a day for women) can irritate and erode stomach lining.

Stress The body produces gastritis-causing acid in response to stress.

Coffee is acidic, which irritates gastritis. Carbonated drinks and fruit juices may also have a similar effect.

To ease the symptoms of gastritis, consider incorporating foods from the chart below into your diet.

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