The Ultimate Health Challenge Half-Time Checklist

Dr. Oz and Eddie and Taj George are giving the moms of the NFL 3 secret offensive plays to meet their Super Bowl weight-loss goals.

  1. Eat Umami Foods
    From the Japanese word meaning "delicious," umami is the 5th taste you've probably never heard of. These foods are savory and satisfying - which means you'll eat less and lower your salt intake. Examples of umami foods include: mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, low sodium soy sauce, asparagus and olives.
  2. Skip Dinner Once a Week
    While this may sound harsh, you will be replacing food with a reward activity: new clothes for your new figure, date night with your mate, a massage or any other pampering activity. You can eat plenty of satiating foods throughout the day and this will cut your weekly caloric intake by approximately 500 calories.
  3. Take Real Steps
    A fitness demand from Eddie, this means that 500 of your daily 10,000 steps should be real steps - this means tackling staircases or walking uphill. Climbing steps will increase your heart rate and the amount of calories you're burning!

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