Ultimate Stress Blasters

Dr. Oz believes that stress is singlehandedly the biggest contributor to rapid aging. Blast away your stress with these easy tips!

Ultimate Stress Blasters

Blasting tension away doesn't require a trip to the spa or a far-away vacation. Eliminate stress on an everyday basis with these easy and useful tips and tricks. 

Suma Extract

Suma extract is a vine root that grows in the South American rainforest and is used as a tonic to regulate many systems of the body. It is a traditional medicine that acts like your body’s buffer to outside stressors. It balances blood sugar levels to combat mood swings. Suma root contains 19 different amino acids, a large number of electrolytes, trace minerals, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K, and pantothenic acid. Suma extract can be found online and in health food stores. Take 500 mg twice daily.

Stress-blasting Salad

The ingredients in this salad blast your body’s most unhealthy reactions to stress. Avocados are high in potassium, which lowers high blood pressure. Almonds are rich in magnesium, which works in the nervous system to help anxiety. Asparagus is rich in mood-stabilizing folic acid, so it puts you in a good mood.

Herbal Concepts Neck Wrap

This stress blaster combines aromatherapy with muscle soothing for a powerful effect. It is made with over 13 stress-busting herbs and grains, like lavender and valerian root. Heat up the neck wrap in microwave for 1 minute to loosen neck muscles and relieve tension.

De-stress With a Stretch

Stress restricts blood flow, causing tension in your muscles and lower back. Stretching stimulates receptors in the nervous system that decrease the production of stress hormones. The secret is to isolate the muscles that store tension by stretching the lower back, shoulders and neck.  

4 Steps to Shedding Your Pandemic Pounds

Forgive yourself, and start walking toward a healthier you.

For those of you who have put on the Pandemic Pounds or added several new COVID Curves, you are not alone. Alarmingly, the American Psychological Association has recently published that almost half of all adults in their survey now have a larger physique. In fact, 42% of people reported gaining roughly 15 pounds (the average published was surprisingly 29 pounds but that included outliers) over the past year. Interestingly, 20% of adults in this survey lost about 12 pounds (I am surely not in this group). Clearly, there is a relationship between stress and weight change. In addition, one in four adults disclosed an increase in alcohol consumption, and 67% of participants distressingly revealed that they have new sleeping patterns.

This past year has brought about what has been called the 'new normal.' Social isolation and inactivity due to quarantining and remote working have sadly contributed to the decline in many people's mental and physical health, as demonstrated by the widespread changes in people's weight, alcohol consumption, and sleeping patterns. Gym closures, frequent ordering of unhealthy takeout, and increased time at home cooking and devouring comfort foods have had a perceptible impact. In addition, many people have delayed routine medical care and screening tests over fear of contracting Covid-19 during these visits. Unfortunately, the 'new normal' has now placed too many people at risk for serious health consequences, including heart attacks and strokes.

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