U.S. Suppresses Breastfeeding Resolution

The World Health Assembly recently gathered to deliberate.

According to reports published on Sunday, the U.S. has sought to suppress a World Health Assembly resolution that advocates for breastfeeding and discourages ads that are promoting formula. As Dr. Georges Benjamin, the executive director of the American Public Health Association points out, “Scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports breastfeeding and its many health benefits for both child and mother.”  

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that breastfeeding is recommended as the "sole source of nutrition" for a child’s first six months and can be carried out for "as long as both mother and baby desire it." Research has shown that breast milk may protect infants from developing urinary tract infections, some types of cancer, childhood obesity, and other illnesses. For the mother, breastfeeding can potentially lower rates of breast and ovarian cancer, help return the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size, stave off postpartum bleeding, and promote a speedy recovery. 

While the decision to breastfeed is personal and many women choose formula, advocacy groups are hoping that women who choose to breastfeed can be fully protected by the law.

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