Women of War: A Poem

Contributed by Specialist Gail Barnette

Women of War: A Poem

To Be Stuck in Time ...

Somehow my life seems like it doesn't belong to me

Most of the time, I don't relate to my surroundings.

It's like the things that are going on around me don't really exist

Nor do the people.

I can non-exist in a crowd or a room full of people,

Or even inside my own head.

People say, "Oh, you are so strong to have dealt with all the abuses you went through";

Childhood, sexual, domestic violence, wartime trauma, drug/alcohol/gambling addiction.

And to have such a positive outlook on life.

But they don't know about the struggle.

To learn to love myself and others.

To learn to forgive and get rid of all this hate and anger.

To learn to turn my thoughts around --

From negative to positive.

To learn to see the world for all the glorious thing it has to offer me.

Not for all the nasty, deceitful things that were done to me in life

Because just like I was sick in my addiction so where those who did me wrong in life.

And for them, I PRAY.

You see, I'm on the road to getting unstuck through MST.

I'm working on myself, it's been an adventurous ride

But I'm more the wiser and empathetic toward others who suffer from the same plight

And are just beginning on the road to where I'm already at.

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