Women Who Work More Than 45 Hours are At-Risk for This

Diabetes risk for women increases with a large workload.

A new study found that women who worked at least 45 hours in a given week were 63 percent more likely to develop diabetes than women who worked less. Based on past research the opposite seems to be true for men: the more work, the lower the risk. Results were found based off a Canadian survey of 7,000 employees. Researchers found that type of job, smoking, and alcohol had minimal effect on the results for diabetes -- the main focus was time worked. 

The researchers had issues extrapolating the "cause and effect" from the surveys but presumed that if the women worked 40 hours or less the instances of diabetes would decrease. More research should be done around the correlation of work time and diabetes to learn more about how this risk can be minimalized as diabetes is a common and rapidly growing issue in the United States. 


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