5 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Your Skin

Learn how this age-old ingredient can breathe new life into your skin.

5 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Your Skin

By Reina Berger

We've all heard of apple cider vinegar, but many of us don't realize how much it can benefit our beauty routines. Often associated with weight loss, blood sugar, and fat burning, this ancient pantry staple packs a major punch in the skin department. Here are five ways it does just that—prepare to take notes!

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Tired of spending tons of money on expensive toners with ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Save some cash and use apple cider vinegar instead. Mix equal parts vinegar and water, and feel free to add a drop of your favorite essential oil in there as well. This mixture will even out skin tone, balance skin pH, and fight breakouts at the same time.

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