7 Surprising Uses for Castor Oil

Use castor oil as a natural remedy for these seven common issues.

7 Surprising Uses for Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used as medicine for over a century, but there are so many lesser-known life hacks that this natural substance is perfect for. From pain and gastrointestinal relief to baby and pet care, we've got seven excellent ways castor oil can help you today.

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Promotes Improved Sleep

Most adults in America are sleep-deprived and aren’t getting the regular 7-7 ½ hours they need. It has not yet been explored why exactly castor oil promotes a quick and deep sleep, but if you dab a bit on your eyelids, it can help you fall and stay asleep, and reset after jetlag. Be prepared to sleep longer than you normally do; you’ll wake up groggy if your alarm goes off just six hours later.

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