4 Simple Solutions for Your Worst Summer Skin Problems

From sunburn to oily skin and body acne, here are easy ways to get healthy skin again.

4 Simple Solutions for Your Worst Summer Skin Problems

Summer can wreak havoc on your skin when you're outside in the heat and humidity. From sunburn to oily skin and itchy rashes, learn how to treat and prevent your biggest issues with these easy tips and tricks.

Aloe: Soothe Scaly Sunburn

Everyone loves the extra dose of vitamin D that comes with summer, but all that fun in the sun can lead to a painful sunburn. Soothe inflamed skin with gels and oils like aloe vera. Taking a cool bath or using a cool water compress also helps calm inflammation. Next time you head out in the sun, stay sunburn-free by using a broad spectrum SPF 30, sunglasses, and a floppy hat.

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1. Witch Hazel: $7.67

Let's face it, those masks we've been wearing have been protecting us from COVID-19, but they've been doing nothing for our skin! So many people are reporting increased acne flare-ups right now (not to mention the acne we already had before the pandemic). Witch hazel can help keep reduce those breakouts.

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