What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

Say ahhh to see if you could have one of these common tongue-related health conditions.

What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

Your tongue could reveal surprising secrets about your health. From anemia, to autoimmune diseases, to food allergies, the tongue can sometimes be a good indicator of your overall health. Check out these common tongue-related health conditions to see if your mouth might hold the secret to what's bothering you.

Bald Tongue

Also known as atrophic glossitis, this inflammatory condition causes the tongue's papillae to die and shed, leaving behind a smooth, shiny "bald" tongue. There are a variety of causes for this condition, including iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiencies, Sjogren syndrome, oral yeast infection and celiac disease. Patients with atrophic glossitis may notice a burning sensation and increased sensitivity when eating acidic or salty food.

This Ingredient May Finally Brighten Your Dark Circles

Your eyes are the telltale sign of aging.

Your eyes are the one telltale sign of your age. And it's those wrinkles and dark circles that may make you feel not-so-young anymore. But you don't have to be controlled by them, despite all the other products and ingredients you've tried. Caffeine is the key to help brighten the under-eye area for all skin tones, according to dermatologist Melissa Levin. And hyaluronic acid can help plump all those fine lines. Thankfully, there's a serum that has both. Watch the video below to see how it all works.