5 Best Tips to Finally Sleep Better

Follow the System Oz plan and get a good night's rest by exercising in the morning, cutting caffeine in the afternoon and using a blue-light blocker at night.

5 Best Tips to Finally Sleep Better

If you want to take back your health this year, it's important to get a good night's sleep and have the energy to reach your goals. The System Oz whole-body wellness plan gives you all the tools you need. Here are seven tried-and-true tips to recharge at night so you can maximize your time during the day.

Cut the Caffeine by 3 p.m.

On System Oz, you'll have your first cup of coffee by 10 a.m., and you'll be done with caffeine by 3 p.m. That way, your body has time to process the caffeine before go to bed. Having a caffeinated drink too close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep cycle.

Stop Eating at 6 p.m.

This intermittent fasting plan will have you eating between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day. Not only will your day be easier with a schedule to follow, but the fasting period in the later hours gives your body time to burn fat -- instead of creating it from the late-night snacks. This can help with weight loss and allow your body to sleep soundly without being disturbed inside.

Turn Off Social Media at 6 p.m.

Stop looking at your social media feeds when you stop eating. Allow your brain time to rest, away from the stimulation of the endless scrolling and likes. This can also help you destress and connect more deeply with the people you live with.

Use a Blue-Light Blocker for Your Phone and Other Screens

The blue light that comes from your phone, tablet, laptop and other screens can keep your body from producing enough of the sleep hormone melatonin. If you have to use one of these devices in the hours before bedtime, there are many kinds of blue-light blocking glasses you can wear. Your device may also have an anti-blue-light feature, like Night Shift mode on an iPhone that gives the screen a warmer tone.

Wake Up With a Workout From Our Celebrity Trainers

When you wake up in the mornings, start your day by getting your blood flowing! We've booked amazing celebrity trainers and fitness experts to lead workouts for you every morning at 8 a.m. Head over to @dr_oz on Instagram and join a live, customized class with low-impact yoga and bar or high-intensity kickboxing and strength training. Our coaches will leave you energized to tackle your day, but good and tired by the time you're getting ready for bed.

Bonus Tip

Keep your bedroom cool: It's difficult for your body to maintain sleep when it's hot. Be sure to keep the temperature between 65 and 67 degrees F for a restful night.

You can also find a mattress that helps keep you cool while sleep. The Good Life mattresses and bedding have CoolRelaxâ„¢ foam infused with activated charcoal and gel particles that create a cooling effect when you need it most. See more Good Life solutions for your sleep problems here.

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