Absolutely Enormous Breasts

See, I got your attention. And that’s been the goal of Sheyla Hershey.

See, I got your attention. And that’s been the goal of Sheyla Hershey.

Sheyla is the woman who has spent a good part of her adult life progressively making her breasts larger, with the goal of having the largest breasts on the planet Earth, and perhaps the solar system. In fact, she says she has had 18 plastic surgical procedures – mostly on her breasts, but also on her lips, nose and buttocks. She raises money for her surgery on her website. 

In Sheyla's quest to have the world’s largest breasts, she recently increased her 34 FFFs to 38 KKKs. No plastic surgeon in the US would make her bigger, so she flew to Brazil where they were more than happy to take her money. Shortly after surgery she developed an infection and the implants had to be removed to save her life.

Once foreign objects like breast implants develop infections, removal is the usual outcome, since the bacteria can’t be killed if they hide inside the body but outside the reach of the immune system. Even when the implants are removed, the bad news is that bacteria can live in a very quiet state within scar tissue and cause another infection when another implant is placed. But that doesn’t seem to bother Sheyla.  She now plans to try again and hopes to put over 15 pounds of implants in her chest.

The risk of infection increases with each progressive surgery, and increases further as the giant implants compress tissue, decreasing its blood supply.  Future surgery is so likely to fail that most ethical plastic surgeons will refuse to operate on her.  But as was the case last year, if Sheyla is persistent enough, she will eventually find a doctor willing to do almost anything to her body, regardless of the risks.

I’ve said repeatedly that plastic surgery should be performed to improve one’s self-esteem and bring people’s appearances closer to “average” or “normal." Most of us don’t want our appearances to turn heads – we really want to just look good, so we blend in with other people. When people want to look alien or bizarre, it’s up to the plastic surgeon to say, "No."

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