Bonnie’s Weapons of Mass Reduction

Arm yourself with the right weapons to attack your weight loss goals carefully and safely. Be your own warrior. Be your own secret weapon!

Bonnie Matthews

Arm yourself with the right weapons to attack your weight loss goals carefully and safely. Be your own warrior. Be your own secret weapon! 

  1. Attitude: You must start your weight loss journey with a winning attitude or you will indeed fail. You must believe in yourself that you will achieve your goals.  
  2. Full Length Mirror: You must look at your body today and be honest with how you look. If you are going to change, you really have to know where you start. Take a photo. You can save it for when you become a Wellness Warrior on The Dr. Oz Show with your success story!
  3. Exercise ball: If you cannot afford a gym membership, this is a great investment to start your fight against fat. You can work your abs, core, and legs with strength training. Most of them even come with a DVD to show you how to get going. You can start by working out with the ball for an hour while you are watching The Dr. Oz Show! 
  4. Gerbil Suit: This is my name for my workout clothes. Get yourself some decent sneakers, a form fitted shirt and pants to work out in so you can see your body as it changes. If they are form fitting, then you will notice how they will get looser as you start to see results! 
  5. Resistance Band: A resistance band is an inexpensive tool you can purchase at any department store. This band can work your upper body, arms, and legs and is a great item to use while at home or traveling. 
  6. Commitment: You must commit yourself to making the changes in your behavior in order to fight the fat. No one else but you can do this. You have to stick with it and you will succeed! There's no secret to it. 
  7. Snacks: Arm yourself with healthy snacks as you head out of the house each day. An apple, a can of smoked oysters, an energy bar, some dry cereal that is low in sugar and high in fiber, water, a pack of carrots and hummus. These are things you can keep at work or in your purse to help the munchies and avoid a candy bar from the vending machine. 
  8. Snacker Zapper: This hasn't been invented yet, but wouldn't it be great if there were a tool to zap you every time you put your hand into a bag of potato chips! It could be like an electric dog fence! Unfortunately because this does not yet exist, you have to be your own defense against these temptations. 
  9. Time: You must make the time to lose weight. We are all busy in our lives, but make no mistake— if you don't put the time in to work out and live differently now, you will not win the war on fat. 
  10. Food: Food is not the enemy, as I've said before. Food sustains us and helps us thrive in our days. A great start is to select foods that are full of nutrients rather than empty calories. Think about this— have you ever seen a fat rabbit out in nature? They are eating nutritious grains and veggies! I've never seen them eating a bag of sour cream potato chips, have you?

Ok Troops, Get Armed! Get Moving!

Blog written by Bonnie Matthews
At age 44, Bonnie decided to take control of her body and health. Despite having never exercised before, she lost 130 pounds the...