Create Your Destiny, Create Your Body!

Time after time so many of you have asked me, “Jen, how can I get the body I desire? What else can I do besides eating healthy and doing cardio?”

Time after time so many of you have asked me, “Jen, how can I get the body I desire? What else can I do besides eating healthy and doing cardio?”

The answer is weight lifting! I lift weights 3 times a week in addition to cardio, and eating healthy. The results are amazing!

Weight lifting is so important for building muscle, bone density, burning fat, increasing your metabolism and giving you a head-to-toe toned, lean look! One pound of muscle at rest per day burns 50 calories, as opposed to 1 pound of fat which burns 3 calories per day at rest – which one would you rather have?

Here’s what I did and still do!

I joined a gym that offered weight lifting classes the ones I take are through Body Training Systems and the class is called Group Power. Many gyms offer these classes. It’s for all age levels and also for beginners as well as advanced weight lifters.

The class is an hour long and has great instructors to guide you through! You can start where you are comfortable and build up your weight as time goes by.

Weight lifting will not bulk you up. I recommend taking a Group Power class 2-3 times per week, no less, no more. Always leave 24-48 hours in between weight lifting classes. Your muscles need time to repair themselves in-between sessions.

This is much more affordable than hiring a personal trainer to teach you how to do the weight machines. Additionally, it’s a kind of group fitness, which is very motivational and inspiring! It’s also done to great music which again will help to motivate you to get through the class.

When you start Group Power classes take them at least 5 times to get the hang of it, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Group fitness rocks, it works and it will give you the body you desire! Now is the time create your destiny! Change is good – take that first step you’ll be thankful you did, I promise you that. I’m living proof of it!     

Q: I end up overeating because it makes me feel better and I never really get full. I'd like to lose weight but this makes it hard. Any suggestions?

A: Being persistently hungry can cause big trouble. So can overeating for comfort/pleasure. These two behaviors, say researchers from Baylor University's Children's Nutrition Research Center, are controlled deep within your brain by serotonin-producing neurons, but operate separately from each other — one in the hypothalamus, the other in the midbrain. They both can, however, end up fueling poor nutritional choices and obesity.

Eating for Hunger

When hunger is your motive for eating, the question is: "Does your body know when you've had enough?" Well, if you are overweight, obese or have diabetes you may develop leptin resistance and your "I am full" hormone, leptin, can't do its job. The hormone's signal to your hypothalamus is dampened, and you keep eating.

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