Joy is Healing – So Have Fun and Enjoy Life

My congratulations to Dr. Oz on his 100th episode and a job well done!

My congratulations to Dr. Oz on his 100th episode and a job well done!

In my 33 years as a physician, I have learned many important ways to optimizing health. Of all of these though, and usually missed by both doctors and the media, I have found that the most important health tip is to enjoy life.

In an age where people are taught to be worried about most everything, this is critically important. When patients come in anxious about the newest thing they have been told to worry about, I challenge them to point to anything I can’t make them neurotic about. They usually can’t. Whether it’s the pollution in the air and water, off-gassing from carpeting, or even getting a splinter from walking on a wood floor, we are being taught to worry about almost everything. Being afraid of our environment is neither necessary nor healthy.

With over 80,000 (largely untested) chemicals in our environment, they simply can’t be avoided.

A healthier solution? Give your body what it needs to adapt (e.g. exercise, nutritional support, and a good night’s sleep), check in with your body to see what leaves you FEELING the best overall, and then get on with enjoying life!

I have found that patients who love life seem to stay healthier, and even do well if they get sick. This seems to work much better than worrying over everything. Joseph Campbell was one of the world’s most renowned cultural anthropologists, studying cultures from all over the world. When asked to summarize what he learned from a life of exploration in one sentence, he put it very simply.

“Follow Your Bliss!”

He wasn’t a physician, but he was right on the mark!

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