Soda Challenge | Day 28 | October 21 | Thursday

Steps: 12,577. Wow! Stepping during conference calls.

Posted on | Mike Roizen, MD

Steps: 12,577. Wow! Stepping during conference calls.

Breakfast: 2 -3 cups coffee (seems regular), 1/2 grilled salmon patty, apple
Snack: banana
Lunch: salmon sliders, grilled beats and cauliflower gold all made by the great Lifestyle180 chef, Jim Perko. I am at Lyndhurst Wellness Campus of the Cleveland Clinic this afternoon and love the chance to walk at breaks and do conference calls while walking with my Trek Treadmill desk… a Precor treadmill with a desk made for treadmills over it—really an easy way to get healthy and try to lose 10 while also trying to quit diet sodas.

Snack: apple and coffee
Dinner: chicken, corn, green beans and broccoli and a large leafy green salad
Snack: another apple and coffee
Kitchen closed at 9 p.m.

Comments on the day: Tough day today with all the budget meetings, etc at the Clinic and giving a talk in the evening and then having to fly to Wash DC tomorrow for first real taping of the Roizen’s Rules for a Younger You, the weekly (30 min.) PBS show I am to host next year entitled Well Beyond Wellness.

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