My Hot, Sizzling Summertime Tips!

Here are a baker's dozen of my favorite sizzling summertime tips to help keep you motivated, push you through plateaus, keep you hydrated, and make sure you're getting all those fruits and veggies all summer long!

Here are a baker's dozen of my favorite sizzling summertime tips to help keep you motivated, push you through plateaus, keep you hydrated, and make sure you're getting all those fruits and veggies all summer long!

  1. Buy a 64-oz pitcher. Fill it with water and keep it in your fridge. Keep in mind that this is the amount of water you should consume on a regular day. When you exercise and sweat more, you'll need a little more than this!
  2. Anytime you see a sign to pick your own fruits and veggies - do it! Not only can you sneak in a couple of servings of them while you're picking, but you're burning up more calories by picking them yourself, while also saving money and getting a very fresh product!
  3. If you have reached a plateau, remember the key words: change is good. Maybe it's time to add more cardio or weight lifting. You can also change the kind of cardio you do! Change is always good, so mix up different kinds of workouts to get you through your plateaus. It's also very good for your body to work different muscle groups!
  4. Meditate, meditate, meditate! This is so important and should be done daily!
  5. Stock that fridge up with cut up watermelon slices, fresh cherries, melon slices, fresh cucumber and tomato slices! That way, when you open that fridge you'll immediately find quick, healthy summertime snacks! This is a great way to get those fruits and veggies in!
  6. Instead of lounging in the pool all day, buy a sprinkler and run through it to cool down, or wash your car and maybe have a water fight! This burns extra calories and gets some dirty work done while having summertime fun!
  7. Exercise early in the morning or later on in the evening to avoid the midday summer heat. That way you won't feel sluggish! Mornings are better because you get that metabolism going right away and you'll continue to burn calories through the whole day!
  8. There's nothing better than a fresh tomato or cucumber sandwich on whole grain bread with low-fat mayo. This is another way to get those fruits and veggies in!
  9. If you own less than an acre of land, you should easily be able to push-mow your lawn! It's a great way to burn extra calories and saves a lot of gas compared to a rider! Sell that rider and make some extra cash for yourself!
  10. Shop at farmer's markets or your local veggie stand. You'll save money, get a fresher product and you'll feel like a kid in a candy store! Woohoo!
  11. Roasted or grilled veggies rock, and they are a great side dish or snack! Mix them up, experiment; add fresh herbs and olive oil. This is bound to rock your taste buds!
  12. Two of my favorites are fresh fruit salad and grilled chicken salad. Put them on your menu today!
  13. No matter what shape or weight, always see yourself as healthy, strong, and at a healthy waist size for you. It does not matter what happened yesterday - today is a new day for a new you! Put that vision in your head and keep it there!

If you use my baker's dozen tips you may be presently surprised at the results you see! Like I always say, bring it on and you'll be loving life, just as I do!

Have you ever gotten to the last little bit of a vegetable or fruit and thought they only thing left to do was toss it? Or maybe you didn't get to one before it looked like it should be thrown out? Well there's no need to create more food waste! Here are two foods you can regrow right at home instead of throwing out.

Leftover Ginger

  1. Fill a bowl or cup with water and place your bit of ginger root inside.
  2. After a few weeks, watch for little sprouts to form.
  3. At this point, transfer the ginger to some potted soil. Give it plenty of space and moisture.
  4. After a few weeks, harvest your new ginger root!

Sprouted Potato

  1. Note where the sprouts (or eyes) are on the potato. Cut it in half so there are sprouts on both halves.
  2. Let the halves dry out overnight on a paper towel.
  3. Plant the dried potato halves in soil, cut side down.
  4. Small potatoes will be ready to harvest in about 10 weeks, while larger potatoes will be ready in about three to four months.

There's no need for food waste here when you know the tips and tricks to use up all your food at home. And click here to see which foods you can keep past the Sell By date!