My Name is Jennifer Lynn

My name is Jennifer Lynn. I'm not perfect; I'm real. Welcome to my journey.

My name is Jennifer Lynn. I'm not perfect; I'm real. Welcome to my journey.

As I write this blog today, I'm inviting you to get to know the more authentic Jennifer. My life has been filled with miracles that I'm more than thankful for, but it hasn't always been this way.

I, like many more of you out there, have struggled with many of life's issues. It started in my childhood when I felt as though I was never good enough at anything I did. At age 17, I moved out of my house and wasn't welcome back. Right after I graduated high school, I had my appendix out. I called my Mom to ask for her help, but she didn't believe me. I guess our relationship at that point was too strained. I was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery. That was right after my boss made me finish out my night's work.

From my late teens to mid 20s, I was mentally and physically abused. During this time I was raising my babies, my now 17 and 16 year old daughters. I was already overweight due to having my children, and on top of that food was my drug of choice to help ease all the pain I had inside. I had no family to turn to; they didn't believe these things were true until they actually witnessed it with their own eyes.

It's sad to say but others can steal away your confidence and happiness and that's what happened to me.

Somewhere deep down inside I had a love for myself that was so real. Without anyone's help, I was able to turn my life around and put an end to these horrible things. I lost weight, had an awesome full-time job and wonderful new people in my life.

After I had my third daughter, I gained back my weight again. I was so sick of me, that fat me, the empty-on-the-inside me, that again food filled the void. I was on the yo-yo diet wagon again. I wanted a plan that I could stick with, that I could maintain.

It was not until I joined the gym, followed Dr. Oz's plan and lost all my weight that I got back the confident, happier me. I am able to maintain all of this! Thanks to Dr. Oz for making me the happy, healthy person I am and I've been able to carry that over into other areas of my life as well. I can't thank Dr. Oz enough. When I say he gave me back my life, I mean it with all my heart and soul.

I still sometimes struggle with everyday life, but the difference now is that I look at things in a new way. Thank you Dr. Oz for helping me, now I'm able to help others, and that is a gift I will always cherish.

Here is the way I see it, my tips for you:

  1. LOVE yourself first.
  2. Find forgiveness
  3. If you need help ask for it.
  4. Always stay positive - positive thinking is key.
  5. No matter what the situation is, know that you always have choices.
  6. Remember there's no time like the present.
  7. Take care of yourself, get healthy and you'll see that making improvements in one area of your life will make you want to improve other areas of your life.
  8. Dream big. Set goals for yourself.
  9. Meditate every day.
  10. Dare worthy things for yourself.
  11. Be thankful, share and give what you have learned with others. You never know who might take your advice and turn their world around for the better.

What I've shared is a very small piece of my life and how I live. One of my future goals is to write a book about my life, the good and the bad - in hopes that by sharing my story I can help others.

I'm living proof that dreams do come true, by taking that first step in the right direction you too can turn your life around no matter what your current circumstances are.

I thank Dr. Oz again for making me the happy, confident, healthy, positive woman I am today, no matter what life throws at me!

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