The New Year’s Gonna Be Here Anyway

Terri’s View: I would put money that at least once since the holiday season has started you said, “Wow, did this year go fast, I can’t believe it’s holiday time again and the New Year is here already. Where did the time go?’

Terri’s View: I would put money that at least once since the holiday season has started you said, “Wow, did this year go fast, I can’t believe it’s holiday time again and the New Year is here already. Where did the time go?’

We all say it, because it is true. Where does the time go?  Our kids grow up so fast and birthdays come and go. There are things we plan to do but never get around to. Diets that we promise to start every Monday fade by Wednesday. Life is just passing us by as we continue to get heavier, unhealthier and just plain unhappier.

Time is going to pass whether we decide to change or not. Tomorrow is coming as it always has since the beginning of time. The holidays and the New Year will continue to come and go. Once again we will be commenting on how fast it got here; another year gone by like the wind.

But maybe, just maybe in that same fleeting year, you will commit to making a change. Maybe 2010 could be the year you decide to give up soda and switch to water. Maybe 2010 could be the year you put those sneakers on and go for a walk. Maybe 2010 will be the year you stop dieting and change your life. Maybe 2010 will be about getting healthy so you CAN be around to become a grandparent and all that this wonderful life of ours has to offer.

Next year, next week, next month, next New Year – they are all coming whether you make a change or not. The only difference is you will not just be commenting on how fast the year flew by again, you will be a happier, healthier person on the road to a successful lifestyle change. In  2010 you could be down 20, 40 or even 100 lbs. The only one to change you is YOU. Make this your year because guess what – next year is coming anyway – you might as well be a healthier you and look smokin’ in your New Year’s Eve outfit!

Ed’s View: It’s that time of year when we start anew and if you are reading this you may have decided to take your life back under control. As we start a new program we must learn to shed the old programming that has held us hostage for years.

I myself have yo-yoed with my weight and it took me years to realize that there isn’t a magic bullet or pill, only the determination inside each of us to achieve our goal. Let’s start with a goal – don’t set one huge one. Set smaller goals, so you can celebrate each milestone you achieve. You want to set these goals with the big picture in mind and once you achieve this mini-goal, go ahead and reward yourself. It could be a new shirt or a pair of pants or a manicure for the ladies.

I used to do this and I would buy inexpensive clothing knowing the items I just bought would be too big in a few weeks, but it made me feel good in the interim as I still needed to look professional for work. The discount retailers were my best friend during the time I was losing weight and I’m not ashamed of saying I would buy $8.00 pants as a reward – and it kept me motivated to see the smaller sizes I could fit into.

The gym: my best place and my worst nightmare. Why? Because going into a gym and being overweight is intimidating; let’s face it; we are not able to hide anything in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Understand this – a person in the gym understands the battle you are facing better than anyone because they may have been in the same position you are now. So no need to be embarrassed as they are there for the same reason as you – to get healthy and shed pounds.

Remember to start slow and sign up for a trainer to show you the ropes if it’s financially feasible. Go with a friend to help motivate each other, or better yet, get your partner involved. You want to be a little sore in the beginning, but not in so much pain that you quit.

Split your time between cardio and weights: 35 minutes of cardio and 40 to 60 minutes of weights 3 times a week.

Until next time. Good luck,


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