The Power of Email

One of the great ways I get to coach the Oz “Truth Tubers” like Rocco and the NFL moms is by email – so here is one from today:

One of the great ways I get to coach the Oz “Truth Tubers” like Rocco and the NFL moms is by email – so here is one from today: 

From: Dr. Mike

To: Terri

Great to hear that you have stepped it up. Keep sending the daily update so I can cheer your successes (and drink to them – just joking – but it is my touchdown dance).


From: Terri

To: Dr. Mike

Sorry Dr. Mike....

I actually lost my pedometer at the airport, but I have been still making sure that I get lots of steps in and I also jog 2 miles a day twice weekly. I have lost about 8 lbs and 3 inches around my waist. I was in London this weekend for my son's game, so I got plenty of walking in. I will try and do better. Thanks for the reminder.

See you in NY next week. 



From: Dr. Mike

To: Terri

We will send you a new pedometer today – just send me the best address. We want you to have all the tools you need to be successful. Sounds like you are getting your steps in but it will be good to see Da numbers (that's for Da Bears my favorite team when I lived in Chicago).  Good work.

Mike R.


Sometimes there are the occasional ones who need tough love, like Connie the Cookie Lady. This is from today:

From: Connie

To: Dr. Mike

0 steps

I'm sorry.



From: Dr. Mike

To: Connie

Hey your phone number doesn't work (sidenote: 0 steps is hard to do, so tried to call her.) 0 steps just puts you closer to needing a Hospital...come on they don't need your money...and you don't need full time disability...people who can walk only 3 steps in a row can get transformed…YOU get a “Do-Over,” but you got to want to be healthy...if you don't want to be healthy, that's okay, but make sure you have a lot of friends who will visit you in the home for the disabled – so now I want more pics of Connie helping Connie by walking.

Young Dr Mike

Hope you saw what I called these email exchanges in the opening line of this blog: great. It is great and great fun for me. Why? I love what I do – people change, and the success of those I get to coach makes me feel great. In fact, it doesn’t get any better for a doc. It is why I believe each person should have a coach – it is good for the coach and for the “coachee”. And most of us (me too) can’t do it without someone encouraging you. Now some, like Connie the Cookie Lady or Dawn (who really doesn’t want to stop smoking and doesn’t answer my phone calls or emails) cannot succeed until they have a painful “ah-ha” moment (like a heart attack or bladder cancer.) But most of us want to live more vigorously, and a little email a day can help your friend. 

So join the Oz revolution and tell a friend each day and commit to coaching someone you love. And walk today to show love for someone else. It is a perfect day in Cleveland, so I’m going to my next work walking outside. Join me (at least figuratively) every day.   

Young Dr. Mike

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