Pulling Weeds and Planting Dreams

I tend to write my blogs at night. My day is filled to the brim and usually a moment of quiet, a time for reflection or just a second or 2 to fully unwind happens after Benaiah goes to sleep.

I tend to write my blogs at night. My day is filled to the brim and usually a moment of quiet, a time for reflection or just a second or 2 to fully unwind happens after Benaiah goes to sleep. 

I was catching up on some emails tonight and I stumbled upon an article my husband sent to me. As I read it, I couldn't help but stop and reflect on my life. The article revealed daunting facts about overweight, pregnant mothers. Scary statistics were included about increased risk for strokes, high blood pressure, blood clots and diabetes - only to name a few! Furthermore, the possibility of delivering a stillborn child is doubled, and the risk of your newborn dying in the first month of life increases 3 times. Chills went up and down my body as I was reading this article only moments ago. 

To even take it a step further, the article bluntly stated that hospitals are having to change their facilities as well. Purchasing bigger beds and acquiring more expensive equipment to be able to accommodate larger women were some of the challenges mentioned. They have found it necessary to incorporate additional training and counseling for employees and patients alike. 

I was that woman! I desperately wanted a child, yet my body was screaming to get healthy. My inner desire, pleading with me, jolted me to finally wake up! Many will agree with a girl's dream to grow up, get married, buy a house and have a baby, right? Those were among my goals in life. As it is, life throws enough wrenches that can put a hold on our dream catching!  

Why would I willingly want to be my own worst enemy? I do think about things like that a lot. Why did I allow myself to get so out of control? My list of why's is long, and pulling out all of the "roots" was difficult and takes time. Everyone has their "aha" moment that becomes the trigger leading to change. True change comes from deep within - deep digging - otherwise the weeds will creep back fast!  

I look around my yard and I feel like wherever I turn, weeds are always growing and wanting to take over. I question why my tomato plant isn't growing as fast and furious as those crazy weeds! In your "aha" moment, clear that ground and plant your seeds for change. For me, it started with my desire to become a mom, to neither jeopardize my own life nor the life of my unborn baby, and I chose to remove a big chunk of weeds and replace it with a seed.

However, that alone is not what keeps me fit and healthy. Rather, it became the spark within my soul that eventually burned away the addictions that were deep within my root system. I had to want to change, more than anything, and embrace discipline and self-control. I tell people my journey was a bit of a "pilgrim's progress." I met many different challenges head on, dealt with them, and moved on with confidence. 

I am far from perfect. I still struggle daily. I am human and I am a recovering food addict. I now have a love affair with healthy foods that make me vibrant and strong - foods that feed my family, ward off disease and increase health and well-being. Reading articles like this one just watered the garden in my soul, instead of feeding the weeds that always want to creep back in. 

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