SlimLipo on the Chin & Earlobe Changes

SlimLipo on the Chin: Does It Work?

SlimLipo on the Chin: Does It Work?

SlimLipo stands for “Selective Laser Induced Melting.” SlimLipo and Smart Liposuction are proprietary names for laser lipolysis, in which laser energy is used to target fat deposits and shrink skin.

The manufacturer claims that SlimLipo is a new laser liposuction technique that uses a specific laser wavelength which melts fat. The manufacturer contends that because the SlimLipo laser selectively melts the fat first, subsequent removal is potentially easier, and less surgical trauma is observed during liposuction phase of fat removal.

In our practice, we find that laser assisted liposuction offers selected patients an opportunity to remove the fat deposits and have some skin tightening. In theory, the underlying dermis is heated by absorption of the targeted laser wavelength. The fat is melted simultaneously, allowing the dermis to shrink or tighten.

However, I must qualify “candidate selection” for any elective surgical procedure as the key for successful surgical outcome. If your goal is to improve the neck, there should not be significant loose wrinkled skin, previous surgery, or other underlying medical conditions that may lead to an enlarged neck. In these instances laser assisted liposuction would not be your best choice.

Will My Earlobes Change as I Age?

As we age, there is an overall decreased production of collagen and elastin in our skin. This accounts for the thinning of the dermis and less fullness in our faces. These changes are observed when the skin becomes wrinkled because there is less padding, and the earlobe will appear thinner and elongated. Women who like to wear dangly earrings are particularly at risk as the weight of the earrings may help to pull the earlobe down, accentuating the elongation and sagginess of the lobe.

Fortunately, there is a solution. An earlobe lift involves removing a tiny amount of excess skin from behind the ear, and redirecting the earlobe skin from an elongated vertical position to a more rounded fuller horizontal appearance.

For those who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure, another alternative is the use of fillers injected directly in to the lobe. This process essentially “plumps up” the lobe eliminating the saggy appearance.

Finally for the individuals who have an elongated ear because of a stretch from heavy earrings, a quick solution is earlobe lift tape that can be placed discreetly behind the ear to camouflage the earring hole.

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