Soda Challenge | Day 27 | October 20 | Wednesday

Steps: 10,123. Just made it and walked with wife after dinner.

Steps: 10,123. Just made it and walked with wife after dinner.

Breakfast: 2 -3 cups coffee (seems regular), 1/2 grilled salmon patty, apple
Snack: banana
Lunch: Subway foot-long veggie, no cheese, no oil—an automatic choice. Wish they made a 100% whole grain roll, but did the best I could.
Snack: apple and coffee
Dinner: salmon burgers, green beans and corn at home by myself after I gave a talk for 3 hours to nurse practitioner students – that makes in 9 hrs of lecturing in 6 days. Talked 3 hours on wellness and nutrition … these nurse practitioners are key to your wellness so the 30 or 50 that attended really can leverage our wellness messages—you do get a do over and small choices you make can make a big difference to your health.

Snack: too late
Kitchen closed at 10 p.m.

Comments on the day:  Even though I worry I am not getting enough to drink without the diet sodas—I really haven’t gotten the water bottle thing down—as Dr. Oz says, I can still read a newspaper through my urine (not really tested that way) so am getting enough fluid.

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