Steps: 18,088.

Breakfast: 1/2 salmon burger, coffee
Flossed and then meditated.
Snack: coffee and an apple
Lunch: missed! Too busy. Had 3 mints and 3 cups of coffee
Snack: apple and walnuts
Dinner: Salmon steak, mixed grilled veggies, eggplant, water, coffee.

Comment on the day: Gabe another talk. Only 20 people there. Did a double team with Dr. Steve Nissen; he is brilliant. We each spoke for 30 minutes. There were 1,100 in the audience last night – only 20 tonight. You’d think we weren’t good speakers. No thoughts of diet soda today – too busy.

You've heard of red wine and white wine but have you ever heard of blue wine? This blue version of wine is given a taste test to see how it compares to the classics.