Sweets in the Morning

I used to eat brownies for breakfast. I also ate cookies, candy and cake for breakfast on occasion. If there was something sweet in the house, my 300 pound self would find it and eat it before the children got up.

I used to eat brownies for breakfast. I also ate cookies, candy and cake for breakfast on occasion. If there was something sweet in the house, my 300 pound self would find it and eat it before the children got up.

I know, most of us eat unhealthy foods for breakfast every now and then, but I used to have brownies and sweets appear as a regular feature on my breakfast menu. I didn't really plan on making sweets when I planned our weekly meals, but whenever I was feeling sad, happy or bored, the smell of brownies began wafting throughout the house.

A big pan of brownies should have lasted our small family for several days. However, because there was one big overweight me, all the remaining brownies disappeared by the next morning.

From the minute I woke up, those brownies seemed to call my name. I would start out by eating half of one, and tell myself that was it. But 10 minutes later, I heard the brownie call again and the other half would disappear. One half by one-half, I would consume what was left of the brownies. Sure, I felt guilty. 

Instead of dwelling on my obesity, I would waddle off to the kitchen to make another pan. Why? Because when John came home that evening, he might wonder who ate all those brownies. So I would make more so I didn't have to explain where 12 brownies went. (Not that he ever made me feel bad, because he didn't.) It was my own guilty conscience. Later that day, when the second pan of warm brownies came out of the oven, I had to eat some. That way the right amount would be sitting on the plate. 

When I finally started losing half my body weight, I knew I needed to break this unhealthy habit. I needed to stop eating so many sweets altogether, and I also needed to start my day with a healthy breakfast. Surprisingly, this wasn't an easy habit to break. I had a very hard time stopping baking and not eating sweets when I first woke up. Looking back, I think my body had become accustomed to sweets all day long, and it was difficult to stop.

Breaking that habit involved some concentrated effort and some stern talks with myself. Over time, I got further and further away from having brownies for breakfast most mornings of the week. I replaced brownies with healthier foods like oatmeal, cereal, and egg white omelets.

I still bake brownies and I'll admit that I have tasted the corner of a leftover piece on an occasional morning, but it's not a compulsion anymore. This habit was just one of many I had to break and control. I'd encourage you to pick one unhealthy habit this week and replace it with a healthy one.  

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