Tall, Dark and Sweet – My Favorite Summertime Treats!

This week I’m sharing with you some of my healthy summertime treats that I’ve come up with!

This week I’m sharing with you some of my healthy summertime treats that I’ve come up with!

Tall, dark and sweet! If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this one! Pick your favorite kind of 100% juice. I like pomegranate. Fill an ice cube tray halfway full with the juice. Dice up some of your favorite fruits. I like blackberries and blueberries. Then put the fruit in the ice cube tray and top with a little more juice if needed to fill the tray.

Freeze overnight. When you are ready for this tall, dark, and sweet treat, get out the blender, pop out some of the fruit juice cubes you made and blend them up with a touch more juice and some of your favorite low-fat yogurt. So yummy!

You can change this recipe up many ways by changing the juice, the kind of fruit you use and the yogurt. It’s your option how much juice and yogurt you want to add to create your favorite consistency. I usually add about a ½ cup of each with about 4-6 fruit cubes.

Another one of my favorite summer time treats I’ve come up with is grilled fruit kabobs. These make a great ending to any meal and they are also great at parties!

Cut 2 fresh pineapples up into about 1-inch chunks. Cut up some apples and pears into about ½-inch chunks, about 3-4 each. Cut 4-6 bananas up into about 1-inch chunks. Grab about a ½ cup of honey, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the honey and mix well.

Then put your fruit on your kabobs. Mix the different kinds of fruit on each kabob and lightly brush them with the honey mixture. Put them on a grill that’s set on low, watch them well and keep turning them until lightly browned.

I like to make up an additional batch of the honey and lemon for guests to give their fruit kabob one more light brushing if they choose. This is the most delicious treat. You can also serve this alongside some grilled chicken.

Remember to experiment with different fruits! I hope you enjoy these treats as much as I do! Eating healthy can be fun and also down right yummy!

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