Terri & Ed's #1 Weight Loss Tips

Terri’s Tip: Recruit Your Partner

Terri’s Tip: Recruit Your Partner

To choose my favorite weight loss and healthy living tip is a tough task. A tip recommending exercise, to eat a good breakfast, or to eat fruits and vegetables are things that most people already realize they need to do to lose weight. Many people have the knowledge, desire and willingness to get healthy and will embark on a weight loss program only to fall short of their goals. What is the difference between these people and those of us that have found a way to maintain a healthy life, not just another diet?  The difference is support.

Don’t get me wrong—you are the only one that puts the food in your mouth. You are the only one that can get your butt to the gym. You are the only one that makes the decisions that will ultimately affect your success. You are the only one that can change you. You need to start your journey for yourself.   

But, if you get your partner on board with you, how much easier will the journey be? Maybe you can begin an entire lifestyle change. They would be supporting you by not bringing those sweet treats in the house. They would encourage you to exercise, and would make time to join you. They would be open to try new recipes and help you find food alternatives that satisfy you both. Even if they didn’t need to lose weight, just by encouraging your actions and not sabotaging your efforts they would be supporting you.

If your partner does need to lose weight, get them on board ASAP. It took my husband a few months of watching me head to the gym and eat properly before he decided to join in my efforts. Once he did, things fell into place for both of us. We were eating the same foods and understood how important it was for both of us to make time to work out. The weight practically fell off of him, and I also have had success. Together, we have changed our lives through commitment and support.

Ed’s Tip: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

I learned a long time ago from an old mentor a phrase that I took to heart and try to live by. The saying is, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” In other words, a can-do mindset will get you much further in your weight loss goals, (or anything else in life for that matter) than a defeatist outlook.

Your brain change may not come easily and will not come overnight. You need to make a conscience effort to know you can do this— no matter how many times you may have failed in the past. You need to replace the “I can’t” with the “I cans.” First and foremost, losing weight and getting healthy is a mental change that eventually becomes a physical one. Your way of thinking determines everything you do and controls the choices you make. Try to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones for 1 day. Make better food choices for 1 day. Exercise for 1 day. Then the next day, try it again. Before you know it, you will have formed habits. By changing your brain, you will change your life.

We all love a good cup of coffee to wake us up in the morning. But that routine drink may be doing good things for your health. Turns out, drinking coffee could help you do three big things: burn fat, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, and boost your mood. Watch the video below to see how, plus three ways to spice up your coffee with adding calories!