Too Tired or Busy to Exercise?

Try my easy solutions: the 10 minute rule and fun or lazy day workouts!

Try my easy solutions: the 10 minute rule and fun or lazy day workouts!

Do you ever feel too tired to exercise? Are you ever too busy to find 30 - 60 min to commit to exercise? And sometimes do you simply lack the motivation required to begin your usual exercise routine?

If you are anything like me (and most human beings,) you answered yes to all of these questions at some point in your life!

Today I am going to share my 2 simple solutions to these common exercise excuses.

The 10 Minute Rule

Simply make a commitment to yourself, to complete at least 10 minutes of exercise regardless of how tired or busy you may feel. Accordingly, within 10 minutes of your workout, you will begin to feel a rush of endorphins, which will remove the tired excuses. And it will begin to feel easier to imagine completing 15, 20, 30 minutes or more.

While most busy schedules will allow for a 10 minute exercise break, you can even find the time while multi-tasking. Take business phone calls while walking the halls or climbing the stairs of your office or home. You can take a 10 minute exercise break 2-3 times during a busy day to reach your 20-30 minute fitness goals.

Fun or Lazy Day Workouts

For the days when you simply lack the motivation and/or your energy is low, it is helpful to have “back-up” exercise routines that are low impact and/or fun. Some of my favorite examples are walking, recumbent biking (due to the comfort of the seat), and belly dance exercise videos. I also suggest busy parents turn on some music and have 10, 20, or 30 minute dance parties with their kids. It provides you and your kids with cardio exercise, creates a healthy and fit example for the whole family and helps get small children ready for naptime!

Experiment with different physical activities until you find some that you enjoy and/or find comfortable to perform even when you are low on energy. By preparing these “back-up” fun or lazy day workouts in advance, you will be creating a healthy environment for both weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

When your life provides you with excuses to skip exercise, value your health and let your lifestyle reflect your values with exercise excuse solutions! Remember, we each only get 1 body in our lifetime and how you treat that body directly effects how you move into old age. Do you want to ease into an agile, fit and active old age, or would you prefer to ease into old age with a cane or a walker? The choice is yours!

It worked for me! And it can work for YOU!

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