Understanding and Dreaming!

This week I'd like to help you obtain a new type of understanding so that you can achieve a new dream!

This week I'd like to help you obtain a new type of understanding so that you can achieve a new dream!

Words are powerful. In fact, they shape our lives whether we are aware of it or not.

When I was overweight and on different medications I was stuck in a rut, no doubt about it. I would look in the mirror and just hate myself for the way I looked. I cried often, playing the "Why me?" game. Why am I fat and miserable? Why am I sad and often lonely? These were just some of the things I would say to myself on a daily basis.

I have to admit, after I read Dr. Oz's YOU: on a Diet book, which helped me lose the weight and get healthy, I read "The Secret," which I saw on Oprah’s show. Since then, I have read many more books on the same subject.

What I learned was that I needed to choose my words wisely. When I started Dr. Oz's plan, I would picture myself getting on the scale once a week and my weight consistently going down. I wiped out all negative words and replaced them with positive words, no more “poor me” syndrome! I chose to be happy, because happiness is a choice – and it makes life a lot more fun, no matter what boat you are in at the time. You always have the power to choose your words wisely!

I've learned to love myself more and more with each passing day, and things just keep getting better because of that. No more complaining about the way my life was, I took action and I saw results. Those results kept me motivated until I had lost every pound of weight that I wanted to.

Now my motivation comes from my own personal experience; how things used to be and how far I've come. To my fans, friends and followers – you also help motivate me! I truly love to share all my secrets with you, in hopes that through one or many of my blogs, you'll have that light bulb moment that will turn your life around.

Complaining about your problems will only bring more of them! Take action, choose your words wisely, and think positive. Choose happiness and most of all learn to love yourself, as I have. You have the power now to understand and turn your world around and make new dreams come true! Do your best, put out there what you want in your own life, and don't take things personally. Free yourself from self-doubt. Go above and beyond – you'll see results, I can promise you that!

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