Resolutions? Check.

Reservations? Check.

By now, the resolutions have been made, and, if you’re like more than half of Americans, you break them before experiencing the sweet smell of success.

“I’m going to lose weight … except if …”

“I’m definitely going to drink less alcohol … unless …”

“I’m going to quick smoking forever … but if …”

Between the ifs and the buts, we wear ourselves down and right on out to failure with the reservations we hold onto.

The economy crashes. The economy recovers. The perfect job gets crummy. Grandma gets sick. Grandma dies. Things are constantly in flux, right? Just like the weather, life is unpredictable. Hurricanes happen, and whatever personal issues we face and race to change can end up justifying a spin back into the old behavior because the rules and tools that enable success are left in the drawer.

No need to wait for 2012 to get back on track! Restart your resolution, right here and now. Bing! Day 1 all over again. Your resolutions are not dead … they’re just waiting to be revived. I want you to “restart” your resolution if you’re experiencing defeat. Just restart it!

Did I just hear a collective groan? I’m a mega-fan of New Year’s resolutions, which are really just another way to affirm your desire to be a better you. Yes, that’s all you need to be – you don’t need to be perfect or extraordinary – just a better you, and you can do that by restarting your resolution.

If food and weight loss is your resolution, grab a pen and paper, and jot down your numbers: weight, waist, blood pressure and cholesterol, if you know them. Numbers don’t lie – and they can help motivate you as you consider redoubling your resolution revolution. In my book, Just 10 Pounds: Easy Steps to Weighing What You Want (Finally), I break down the weight-loss goal into a couple of themes to help you work through to 1) eating differently and 2) cleaning house emotionally.

I’ve heard from so many of you just how much you’re getting out of Just 10 Pounds (and how much you’re losing!), so keep it coming. Make sure to download your free Just 10 workbook online along with your iPhone + iPad app at today. Keep me posted on your journey! I want to help.

Update: Just 10 Pounds, The Bus Tour

I was with a group of Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps’ students in Houston last week at Sharpstown High School, and I was struck by how few of them make resolutions. They’re still flexible and haven’t gone rigid. They’re churning, changing, discovering and processing.

I shared with them a talk on my own addiction and change history, including how they can each become a change agent in their own universe regarding obesity, addiction and other junk. Change agents rub off on those around them by making their own change vibrant and powerful.

In life, we have lots of little choices that, when strung together, make up the texture of our lives, for better or for worse. I choose for better.

Here’s to resolutions, restarts and revolutions. You deserve nothing less!

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