The Voice in My Head

We all hear that voice in our head. It just depends if we listen or not.

We all hear that voice in our head. It just depends if we listen or not.

Sometimes the voice will say, “Walk by the cookie and you’ll be fine.” Other times it says, “Eat the cookie and nobody gets hurt!”

It’s the same in the gym.  Sometimes the voice says, “Does the extra 5 minutes really make a difference?” Other times it says, “You have enough in you for an extra 5 minutes.”

Either way, a lifestyle change always brings an inner struggle. When you pass up unhealthy foods and hit the gym 3 or more times a week, you are listening to the right voice. The more you listen to the right voice, the stronger your drive to continue on the right track.

Changing your attitude toward food can be a challenge, but keep in mind that other people are being challenged in the same way. Of course it’s easier to stay in bed the extra hour rather than go to the gym. It’s easier to order fast food instead of cooking something healthy. It may take a little more effort, but in the long run you’ll feel better that you did the right thing.

For years I was listening to the voice telling me it was OK to eat what I wanted, not exercise and make excuses for being overweight. Sometimes I listened to the voice that told me to eat better, but only for a little while before going back my old ways, which were much easier.

The other day I heard the voice. It said, “Nice day out. What are you doing here?” I listened and answered, “Plenty of time to enjoy the day, but these 5 minutes will make a lifetime of nicer days.”

Don’t give into the wrong voice. We all listened to that one for too long and it got us into the worst shape of our lives. Don’t give in. Be strong and the voice will finally be a whisper.

Good luck. 

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