A Year in the New Me

It's midnight...

It's midnight...

I just took a shower.

Feeling somewhat restless in my head

So much I want to do

So much I want to accomplish

The windows are open and the sweet scent of spring is drifting in.

I look at myself in the mirror.

I smile and realize how far I've come!

I realize again that I've been in my new body for about a year!

A whole year.

Feeling my arms and the muscles on my upper body.

This is all still so new to me – this new firmer body.

I love the strength I have

The stamina

the power in my legs.

I take a deep breath in and smile

The house is still

The birds are still chirping in the night they are restless too.

Be present. Just be present.

Right here. Right now. So many things I want to do. So many things I want to experience in my new body.

Is there enough time?

I feel like I need to catch up on all that I missed in my old body.

But then I reflect again – remembering I still had a life before.

I still lived. Loved and shared.

But there is so much I want to do! I want to climb.

I want to express myself in new clothes.

I want to share my new body with someone...

I take a deep breath again. A sense of calm fills me.

I have to be patient.

I "have to enjoy the ride."

I slip into bed and laugh to myself about my new found tailbone.

Have you ever gotten to the last little bit of a vegetable or fruit and thought they only thing left to do was toss it? Or maybe you didn't get to one before it looked like it should be thrown out? Well there's no need to create more food waste! Here are two foods you can regrow right at home instead of throwing out.

Leftover Ginger

  1. Fill a bowl or cup with water and place your bit of ginger root inside.
  2. After a few weeks, watch for little sprouts to form.
  3. At this point, transfer the ginger to some potted soil. Give it plenty of space and moisture.
  4. After a few weeks, harvest your new ginger root!

Sprouted Potato

  1. Note where the sprouts (or eyes) are on the potato. Cut it in half so there are sprouts on both halves.
  2. Let the halves dry out overnight on a paper towel.
  3. Plant the dried potato halves in soil, cut side down.
  4. Small potatoes will be ready to harvest in about 10 weeks, while larger potatoes will be ready in about three to four months.

There's no need for food waste here when you know the tips and tricks to use up all your food at home. And click here to see which foods you can keep past the Sell By date!