The Kortum Technique

How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing

By John Christopher Kortum

One man's enduring curiosity leads to a cutting-edge medical assessment technique that is transforming health-care delivery.John Christopher Kortum began investigating the human sensory system at a young age and made two remarkable discoveries. He found that our ordinary five senses have extraordinary capacities and the human body has an obvious and consistent way of communicating health information that can be accessed by looking at people.In 2001, John approached the health care delivery system to formally test his abilities for identifying health imbalances in the human body. A study was designed and scientific protocols were implemented, by a Clinical Professor of Medicine at George Washington University and Adjunct Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University, and a Gestalt Therapist with a Masters of Science in Nursing from Catholic University, at Wyngate Medical Park in Bethesda, Maryland. John's technique was over 93% accurate for identifying health imbalances by looking at patients.In The Kortum Technique, John shows us how to interact with our ordinary senses to identify the body's way of communicating biological information. John also shares his personal journey of bringing forward the body's message of health. Read for yourself about the establishment of this cutting-edge technique that allows easy access to some of the body’s deepest secrets. Since 1991, John has facilitated perception-increasing seminars throughout the United States and abroad. He supports clients and health care providers who are committed to revealing the unrecognized elements of healing. He continues to refine his heuristic for perceptive health care delivery, while expanding our knowledge base of the human potential, in order to fully deploy the assets of the mind.

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