Every Day A Friday
Every Day A Friday

Studies have shown that people are happier on Fridays. Pastor Joel Osteen's goal is to help people strive toward that kind of happiness and contentment not just on Fridays, but every day of the week. In this book, he combines personal experience with scripture and to show people how to think positively all the time.

Every Day A Friday

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Help Relieve Your Pain (& More!) With the Simple Tips in Dr. Oz's New Book

"Yin Yang You," a look at traditional Chinese medicine and its simple home remedies, is out now!

We have a lot to thank Western medicine for — from surgical tools to diagnostic machines and life-saving antibiotics. But Western medicine still has its limitations. Despite its advancements, so many people still suffer from pain, stress and anxiety. So where's the disconnect? Dr. Oz set out to find the answer, and he looked to the 5,000-year-old practices of traditional Chinese medicine. These ancient secrets are used to help people preserve their health and prevent sickness.

It inspired his new book with his trusted partner USANA, "Yin Yang You." It's out now and filled with tons of powerful and personalized tips and tricks you can do right at home. Click here to grab a copy!

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