Brad Mondo Reacts to Horrific Bleach Fail & Bangs Disaster on The Dr. Oz Show

When TikTok star and hair extraordinaire Brad Mondo stops by, there's always time for a hair reaction video! Plus, he shows you his easy test to see if your hair is dry and brittle — and the best way to bring it back to life.

Brad Mondo Reacts to Serious Hair Disasters

3-Ingredient DIY Teeth Whitening Treatment

All three ingredients are probably in your kitchen now!

When you're overwhelmed and need a break, it's so important to find those little moments to reset and reconnect with yourself. So here's a little recipe that will get you smiling and brighten up your day. It's a three-ingredient teeth whitening treatment you can make right at home with things from your kitchen! You can thank TikTok for this one.

3-Ingredient DIY Teeth Whitening Treatment

Put a little bit of the following ingredients in a bowl:

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