The celeb baker opens up about the horrific accident in his home that severely injured his right hand. What his recovery could mean for him and his cake creations. Plus, how a quick-thinking teacher saved a life during a virtual lesson.

Sciatica can be a real pain in the butt... literally. And because it's the biggest nerve in your body, coming down through the rear and and then down you leg, it can also be a big pain for your entire lower body. But you don't have to live with the pain, and you don't have to rely on medications for relief. Here are four natural, pill-free ways to relieve your sciatica pain at home — from renowned physical therapist Peggy Brill.

Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast

Because sciatica pain can happen when there is inflammation in the area of the nerve, an easy way to help find relief at home is to eat food with anti-inflammatory properties, like pineapple and chia seeds. Brill has a quick and delicious recipe you can whip up for breakfast.

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